Green Belt and Housing Development

Greens to join blockade of Berkshire Nuclear Bomb Factory

28 January 2010

As AWE Aldermaston is preparing for the manufacture of a new generation of nuclear bombs for the UK, a new generation of anti-nuclear activists are preparing to blockade the Berkshire based nuclear weapons firm

David Young: Global warming is probably responsible for our current cold weather

14 January 2010

The Gulf Stream, with its warm south west wind, is the main factor in our climate. It has shut down several times in the planet's history causing a ten degree centigrade drop in our temperature. It could easily shut down again by 2040.

A frozen Derek Wall campaigns in Windsor

11 January 2010

While the temperature may have been sub-zero the reception from members of the public in Windsor on Saturday 9th Jan certainly wasn't.

Greens unconvinced by Windsor rail plans

10 January 2010

The Greens have stated that they are unconvinced by plans to build new train stations in Windsor and Chalvey.

A Green Future for Windsor and Maidenhead

08 January 2010

Climate change is the greatest challenge humanity has ever confronted. In the face of this, a third runway for Heathrow is back on the table. The meeting will discuss the long term Green vision essential to stop climate chaos, and the importance of sustainable thinking at all levels of government.

Derek Wall's New Year Resolutions

08 January 2010

The Green Candidate for Windsor at the General Election, Derek Wall, has published his list of New Year Resolutions

David Young with Caroline Lucas MEP

David Young: Why do ordinary people have to suffer so?

07 January 2010

In mid October 2008, the News discussed the loss of £5 million lent by Bracknell Forest Council to the failed Icelandic banks. The Conservative Council leader said that any loss would have no noticeable effect on residents. We now know this is not so.

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