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Dr Derek Wall Selected To Challenge Theresa May In Maidenhead

10 May 2017

Dr Derek Wall, who lectures in political economy at Goldsmiths College, has been selected by East Berkshire Green Party to stand against Theresa May in the Maidenhead constituency in the forthcoming General Election.  Dr Wall describe himself as ‘a passionate remainer who loves Europe’.

Dr Wall told local party members that he was in with an excellent chance of becoming Britain’s second Green Member of Parliament, ‘54% of local voters voted for remain in last year’s referendum, Theresa May’s increasingly strident calls for a hard Brexit, put her at risk on 8th June.  I am a passionate remainer in a party which is strongly committed to the European Union and believe I am uniquely well positioned to challenge May.’1

‘I am strongly opposed to Heathrow expansion, it will blight Maidenhead with more noise and pollution.  You can’t trust May; she says she is strong but her change of mind on Heathrow shows she is dangerously fickle on vital issues.  The Green Party are the only consistent anti-expansion voice.’

‘May’s Brexit is a night mare, she is buddying up to Donald Trump and wants to use Brexit as an excuse to tear up the EU laws protecting the environment, workers’ rights and renewable energy, to make life easier for corporations.’

Dr Wall, a father of three, was re-elected as a Winkfield parish councillor in 2015.  He is a strong internationalist and is at present Green Party International Coordinator, as such he helped organised the Global Greens Congress in Liverpool in March.  The Congress was the largest meeting of Greens the world has ever seen. 2

Dr Wall noted ‘Brexit is another slap in the face for young people, they have had enough of closing opportunities, rising tuition fees for university and a housing crisis.  I am committed as a parent of sons in their teens and twenties to making sure they have a decent future.  Young people are registering in record numbers and the Green Party is very much the party of the young’

Dr Wall’s key election pledges include scrapping Trident and using the cash to build council houses and fund the NHS.  A vegetarian, he is keen to end the badger cull and defend the ban on fox hunting which Theresa May wishes to scrap.  He opposes austerity and supports human rights.

Dr Wall has been a member of the Green Party since 1980.  He was Green Party Principal Speaker, the nearest position at the time to leader, between 2005-2007.  He is also a keen cyclist, gardener and cook.  He is a patron of Peace in Kurdistan and a keen supporter of the Kurdish people in Turkey, Iran and Syria.  He previously contested the Windsor parliamentary constituency.

Dr Wall is a hard working parish councillor and is also a writer, his latest book ‘Elinor Ostrom’s Rules for Radicals’ will be published by Pluto Press in September, his previous books include ‘The No-Nonsense Guide to Green Politics’ and ‘Green History’.


More Info

You can contact Derek Wall via email.

More background and previous articles can be found in the links below;

  1. https://www3.rbwm.gov.uk/info/200131/elections_and_voting/1151/election_results_june_2016
  2. http://greens2017.org

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