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Fintan McKeown is Windsor's Green Party Candidate

12 May 2017

Fintan McKeown is an actor who has worked at the National Theatre with Howard Davies, Judi Dench and Daniel Day-Lewis. Fintan has played a huge range of roles, in Game Of Thrones, The Bible, Merlin, Atlantis, Barbarians Rising, Hollyoaks and Star Trek Voyager. During his career he has worked throughout the UK, Europe and America. and regularly visits schools for talks and workshops.

Fintan lives in Windsor with his wife and daughter.

Of his campaign, he says "At this critical time, it is certain that the Green Party offer a viable, realistic option to the “Brexit means Brexit” scenario, and that essential concerns for people’s wellbeing and life here and now are not forfeited in this snap election power play."

"Windsor residents have a remarkable local, national, European and international sensibility which must be allowed freedom of expression."

"As your representative, I will help to voice your concerns and ambitions from the outset, during this election and beyond."


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