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8 January 2010

Bill Dowling (Letters, The Standard, December 10) was inaccurate. He says the Green Party is ahead of its time and that my letter about the Liberal Democrats was a vicious attack. I was merely responding, with facts, to earlier wishy washy waffle.

I can understand that some voters in 2010 will think in the short term and use their vote to choose between the alternative Prime Ministers offered by Labour and the Tories. The LibDems seem irrelevant. Far better I believe to consider the future and use votes to support the Green Party. We demand that world politicians tackle such major threats as climate change, the overuse of scarce resources and the population explosion.

Let me be clear, the Greens deplore the anti-environment actions of each of the three UK grey parties. It’s not a matter of preferring one grey party over another.

Tory and LibDem actions in opposing on-shore wind farms are particularly disgraceful. The LibDems oppose nuclear power too. In a few years time there will be a deficit in electricity supply. Therefore without masses of renewable energy, how do they think frequent power cuts can be avoided and the lights kept on?

How do the LibDems think the UK can afford to pay for even more energy from abroad?

Anyway, when energy becomes scarce, foreign companies will look after their nations’ needs in preference selling to the UK. This happened in 2009. Far better to create the energy ourselves.

The LibDems promote NIMBYism and have not been elected into any UK government since the coalition that ended in 1922. The last time the Liberals were the elected as biggest party was in 1910.

They are a party of the past. The Green Party is for now.

We feel we have a duty to give voters unpleasant news, in the hope that politicians will be intellectually influenced to do the right thing. Unless reason prevails, the next generation will not be able to lead full lives.

There is no planet B.

David Young

The Green Party General Election candidate for Bracknell

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