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Greens call for 20mph limit in UK's most dangerous town

22 December 2009

Today the Greens have responded to a road safety report compiled by insurer Endsleigh which has listed the roads of Slough the most dangerous in the UK. Slough's accident rate in 2009 was 41.3% above the UK average, closely followed by Bradford and Birmingham.

Greens have been campaigning for many years for the introduction of 20mph speed limits in residential areas. Only last week the local authority in Islington, London announced plans to roll out a borough-wide 20 mph limit which has been welcomed by road safety campaigners.

The prospective green candidate for Windsor, Derek Wall has said '20 miles per hour is essential to save lives. Too many people, particularly children, are killed in residential areas in Slough because of speed.'

Just last week the government began advising local authorities to reduce speed limits to 20mph in traffic accident blackspots.

Mark Brown, the secretary of East Berkshire Green Party said “We welcome the government finally coming round to the Green Party's way of thinking on road safety. However, we are concerned by the Conservatives' failure to support these measures and the Lib Dem's inconsistency on the issue in cities such as Leicester.”

Caroline Lucas, the Green MEP for the South East commented on the successes of 20mph restrictions, "As a local authority, Portsmouth has led the way in 20 mph zones. Since Portsmouth brought in their 20 mph zones in 2008, accidents are down by 13%. Casualties are down by 15% and by an amazing 31% for older people."



Notes for editors

1) Please see: 20's Plenty for Us - www.20splentyforus.org.uk

2) Among others, Green Party councillors in Norwich, Leicester, Hackney, Islington, and Bristol have pushed for 20 mph zones in their local areas. For more information on this, please see: www.greenparty.org.uk/news/20-04-2009-20mph-zones.html

3) Mark Brown is the secretary of East Berkshire Green Party

4) Derek Wall is the former national spokesperson for the Green Party and the prospective green candidate for Windsor at the next general election

5) Caroline Lucas is the current Green Party Leader and prospective candidate for Brighton Pavilion, a constituency the greens are expected to win

6) Government advises local authorities to go for 20mph http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8415351.stm

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