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Greens to join blockade of Berkshire Nuclear Bomb Factory

28 January 2010

As AWE Aldermaston is preparing for the manufacture of a new generation of nuclear bombs for the UK, a new generation of anti-nuclear activists are preparing to blockade the Berkshire based nuclear weapons firm. Local Green Party members will be among those attending and helping to blockade and disrupt the work done at the plant.


The campaign group CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) and Compass (A Labour think-tank) have brought together over 100 leading figures from British public life to call for the halt of Trident replacement and for the re-deployment of resources saved to more socially useful areas. 


Those supporting the call include: 


Air Commodore Alistair Mackie; Leading politicians Jon Cruddas Labour MP and Caroline Lucas Green MEP; Former members of the MoD ministerial team Peter Kilfoyle MP and Eric Joyce MP; Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone; Actors Prunella Scales and Tony Robinson; Religious leaders Cardinal Keith O'Brien and the Bishop Of Reading, Stephen Cottrell


The blockade comes as planning permission is considered by West Berkshire Council. The green light would mean expansion of the plant in order to be in a position to build more nuclear weapons. The Green Party is highly critical of the application and are concerned by a number of omissions made by the MoD:


• An environmental appraisal report which does not detail how radioactive and other toxic waste will be managed


• A lack of government strategy for the safe disposal of nuclear waste, effectively meaning storage of radioactive materials on site indefinitely


• Concerns over security highlighted by previous incidents in which radioactive waste has found its way into the surrounding environment, including the River Thames


Windsor Green Party Prospective Derek Wall has said, ' Berkshire must not be the bomb factory of the world, Aldermaston threatens all of us in the county with a radioactive future.  It is obscene that with huge government debt a new generation of nuclear weapons costing us £10bn is being planned.  I challenge the other general election candidates in the Windsor constituency to put our children and environment first and to call for an end to nuclear weapons manufacturing at Aldermaston'.


The Green Party has been at the forefront of anti-nuclear campaigns for many years and has a clear stance against further proliferation.

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