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Mackay: he gains, we lose

17 December 2009

Andrew Mackay MP has been forced to step down over his expenses claims (homes in the London and Birmingham areas). On 10 December it was revealed he has recently claimed £91.65 from taxpayers to get a bathroom light changed and £6000 to have his second home redecorated. This sum will result in him receiving a higher price when he soon sells his second home on “retiring” from Parliament. He gains, we lose.

There have been many calls for him to pay back what he owes to the taxpayer. At the May public meeting it was suggested that his initial payment should be a quarter of a million pounds. I ask Mr MacKay to tell voters how much he has paid back so far. And what does the new prospective Conservative candidate for Bracknell think about all this?

David Young

The Green Party General Election candidate for Bracknell

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