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We need leadership on Climate Change

20 November 2009

The News, 19 November, reported that flash flooding broke the railway bridge at Feltham. This inconvenienced many of us. The following day it was much worse for the people in Cumbria and Scotland. Hundreds of people will suffer for months. Of course this is not as bad as Hurricane Katrina.

Our planet is getting hotter. We all know this. More water than before is evaporated as the oceans get warmer. The increased temperature of the atmosphere means that clouds can get much bigger before they need to disgorge their wetness on the earth below. Hence  larger rain storms and the resulting floods experienced at many places.

I believe voters must prompt world politicians to get together to sort out the world’s problems. Leadership should come from UK, Europe, America, China and India. Less flash flooding, more drizzle please.

David Young

The Green Party General Election candidate for Bracknell

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