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David Young: Global warming is probably responsible for our current cold weather

14 January 2010

The Gulf Stream, with its warm south west wind, is the main factor in our climate. It has shut down several times in the planet's history causing a ten degree centigrade drop in our temperature. It could easily shut down again by 2040. We don't need to take the risk. Global warming has caused Arctic ice to melt resulting in a marked loss in Gulf Stream strength. No longer does it have the power to push the current treacherous weather away. We need the Gulf Stream. Without it we would have the current cold temperatures, or worse, for 5-6 months every year. And by then there won't be sufficient home energy to keep us warm.   Carbon dioxide is the main cause of global warming. Its level is currently two thirds higher than the average pre industrial amount. We have to tell our politicians that the quantity in our atmosphere must be reduced. We need to use huge amounts of renewable energy, properly tax air travel and have better buildings insulation. 

And we have to give this message at the 2010 election. By 2014 it will be too late.  

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